How Visible is Invisible Children to those in Africa?

Have you questioned the Invisible Children movement?

As well meaning westerners it is easy for us to jump at to help others when an opportunity presents itself! But it is important to understand the good and ‘bad’ that come along with promoting change and fighting for a better and more safe world. I have loved the motivation that this organization has and the perseverance that they have exemplified over the last decade. How many of us can say we have dedicated that amount of time to a world need let alone to the Lord?! I am challenging you all to dig deeper before blindly supporting an type of movement! There will always be pros and cons and no organization is perfect, but as Christ followers we are called to “Study to show yourself approved to God…rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15…In this instance I want to understand all aspects so that I can grasp other perspectives AND so that I can make those around me aware of what is happening not just here in America with the Kony 2012 video.


Here is the Prime Minister’s response to the video:

as well as SOME of the people in Uganda’s response:


I sent the following email to a 22 year old friend of mine that lived in Uganda for the past few years with YWAM:

“It is easy to jump on board with supporting good causes but there often can be more harm than help done. I took a class last spring that studied foreign aid and how blindly assisting can be very dangerous…

What is your take of the Invisible Children corporation and their vision of bringing awareness. Just shoot me some thoughts from your experiences!




This was her response:

“mmmm… GOOD QUESTION. haha I have actually been getting asked a LOT lately about my take on 2012 and Invisible Children…and it has been good because it has forced me to sit down and ask myself how I really DO feel about it haha. And there is a lot that goes into it…


first off… I am thankful for Invisible Children. They are actually the way that God placed Uganda in my heart when I was 14! and I don’t know how I would have known about the issues and seen the Lord’s heart for the people there if it weren’t for them. I had actually planned for 5 years that I was gonna go work with them in Uganda. But I was asked by YWAM to take a team to Uganda before I went down that road haha and when I was in Uganda I went to their headquarters and found out that they don’t do counseling/ rehabilitation within Uganda for the child soldiers…and that is really where my heart is… so I sought the Lord and He opened other doors for me in Uganda which I am SO thankful for!! But I am still grateful for their pull that brought me there in the first place.


that being said… with anything there are going to be imperfections. It makes me sad that the 3 founders were Christian but it is not a Christian organization… and I think that has actually caused some negative affects in the area of northern uganda due to the fact that people that will go out there to work with them are not Christian and will go to bars and things like that, and it has made a negative view of westerners just going there to “have a good time” and get drunk and things like that. I think part of that is due to the fact that they grew SO big SO fast… and I think that Kony 2012 was a way that they thought they could stay on top of how fast they were growing… but I think they honestly may have pushed a bit too hard to tip the scales in the wrong direction.


Yes, the Ugandan government did kick out Kony…but it was after about 20 years of not doing ANYTHING in northern Uganda. Joseph Kony also hasn’t been in Uganda for the last 6 years… so it doesn’t really make sense to me that America sent troops to Uganda to capture him. Most Ugandans will actually say it is because they found oil there last year and that is the only reason that Obama was interested in Uganda at all… to me if they really wanted to catch the LRA they’d send troops to the Central African Republic… but I honestly don’t really think that Invisible Children cares too much about the military actions in Uganda or Congo…but I think that the Kony 2012 video was more about raising awareness than anything. and I do think they do a GREAT job of raising awareness. I think with anything… there are going to be pros and cons to it. I still think it is great that you shared it and are raising awareness about the LRA. I think we should just make 4/20 a day to pray for Kony, the LRA, and everyone affected by it!!”


Warner, I truly hope this helps get the wheels turning in your mind! These are just the perspectives of some, so please feel free to comment and question!




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