Challenge from Phil Joel

For spiritual life week Phil Joel shared his testimony with us, as well as some challenges.

We were reminded that the God of the universe wants us to know Him. That’s something that is worth reflecting on. Our God in heaven desires to spend time with us and desires us to know Him personally.

The first challenge given to us by Phil was to find some time alone and talk to God. Tell Him that you desire to know Him more. The second challenge given to us by Phil was to spend time daily with God seeking Him and seeking a relationship with Him. The last challenge that Phil Joel left us with was to have a plan. Phil told us that “Passion without a plan is like a firecracker that never goes off”. That analogy reminds us that our relationship with God can be a huge, powerful, and amazing thing.

Will you rise to meet these challenges? I know that I will be working to meet them. I encourage you to do the same and rekindle, or begin a relationship with God that will forever change your life.


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