The Truth Movement

Truth is bold and truth is powerful. And once it makes its way into your heart, it produces love, understanding, unity and change.

We all have the truth at our fingertips, but when is the last time it really affected you or made you think differently about life or a particular situation you’re facing? When is the last time you read your Bible and had it bring peace to your mind and hope to your soul?

How has the truth affected you lately?

The truth is there, but its value is only discovered by seeking after it – as a treasure – and doing something with it. Like living it out. Passing it on. Sharing it with someone you know – or someone you don’t!

Getting the truth out starts with you. Start today by looking for it. You might find it in unexpected places. Then start living it out and sharing it with us. You’ll grow just by thinking about it and communicating it. And you’ll help others as they read what you have to say.

Do your part. Celebrate the truth. Demand the truth. Speak the truth. Even if your voice shakes. We’re all listening.